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Welcome to Topo

Hello, and welcome. My name is Keenan Boscoe and I am the owner and a contributing artist of Topo Gallery.


It has been my dream to curate and run my own small art-space. And while waiting at home for major institutions to safely open up I decided now was the perfect time to take the risk and pursue that dream. Topo gallery is a place for young startup artists from New England, yet artists from any background are welcome to submit. It’s my goal to create a space that everybody can access. One that’s not elite, or which puts pressure on you to buy something for attending. If you walk into Topo, there will always be something in your price range yet still honors the time and energy artists pour into the creation of their art.


Our physical store showcases a variety of works in a rotating salon-style curation, but you can view and purchase all artwork available on our website.

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